2 Test Data channels added in Tatasky TP

DTHHELP Xclusive 2 Test Data channels added in Tatasky TP
They are back on 11550 H frequency.
Sorry , it's my fault of writing that they were removed from 11550 H. actually removed from 11630, H, 32000 .
The 11550 H channels didn't removed.
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Some thing will happen in the coming days. Either these 2 are new Star Sports HD Channels or some testing is on for new satellite
The same names made me to give false information. Both are Test BW2 but some differance Test BW2_500Kb
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Dayag and MJ Bro, in the next few days and specially in feb plz keep a tight watch on Insat 4A, Asiasat 8 and 7. Tata Sky would be doing major changes hopefully before World Cup. Migration to New Sate is confirmed
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After you became active here i started to read other forums because i may find some proofs for your calculations but didnt got much. even i asked you some questions and doubts you answered few and few still no answers which perhaps you are not aware of . any way leave it . discussions only give some results and outcomes of certain doubts.
Now you are confirming a statement of a person who you also said as Dealer. it's very sad that a knowledged person like you [as i believe] trust those confirmations. remember i am not saying that Tatasky will not migrate to Asiasat 7,8 but how can it be confirmed with a Picture of Satmeter ? you also know that in this technical age those meters are commonly used by almost all DTH technicians. again i am not denying TS will not migrate.
Till today you confirmed ABS2 as the next Satellite of Tatasky . now AS7,8. after few days that person may say other sat.
Actually after reading his post any such valid informtions to get confirmation to you ? i didn't get any surely.

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