2 new Frequencies started on ABS 2 at 75 East , Ku Band

2 new Frequencies started on ABS 2 at 75 East , Ku Band
Any DTH is not testing including Tatasky. perhaps there is no need to test FTA for Tatasky in the name of other providers.
(Wednesday 21-January-2015, 20:25)MJ786 Wrote: 2 new frequencies with good signal started on ABS 2 satellite at 75 East Ku band

11734 H 45000 , DVB S
11794 H 44000, DVB S

Both frequencies have Indian Channels mostly DD channels and all those are running Free to Air

Just now checked . i am not getting 11734 H 45000 . dont know the reason.
can you check for the availability of signals in that TP? I tried but failed to get signals from that TP. other TPs are fine.
yes. the provider info mainly is of the TP and Satellite like how we see Tata Comm, Harmonic on Cband
Yes now that TP got scan in Blind scan.
So you moved dish to this satellite.. It is very strong signals right?
No Installed a new one. bought a D2H HD Dish For Rs 325 /- without LNB. I was aligning that dish now.
Before handing over the satellite , TAC team tests the satellite. Its the company policy

Also FTA channels can be tested by anyone, no permission is needed. Permission is only needed if u want to relay on a platform
If there is no need of permission for test a fta channels then they should add a Tag in those channels as it's for Testing. if there is no such tags then it will be treated as Official re broadcast by that certain Provider.
Bro, in India Broadcasters are only allowed to beam their channels through C band, Ku band can only be used for DTH or HITS. This is no rebroadcast as they are not using this service currently to anyone. They are simply testing the transponders with FTA Channels
Actually i am seeing this type of testing [if so] that too without and Testing Tag from a Satellite provider .. every time the testing is done by a Network provider not from Satellite provider. I am really confused .
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