2 new Frequencies started on ABS 2 at 75 East , Ku Band

2 new Frequencies started on ABS 2 at 75 East , Ku Band
How can you say they are handing TPs to Tatasky ?? any informations/confirmations you have ? The news hobbling around forums of Tatasky Migrations are not confirmerd. those persons who are rumouring are changing satellites every second week or month. Tatasky may migrate or may not. According to me it's just a rumour surely. for them there is no such crunch for space . they can add many Channels in the existing TPs itself once they convert them to MPEG4 if they are interested in adding.

Only Trace Sports HD Channel creating some confusions. else this may be DTH for Andaman Nicobar from DD . although they have it in C Band . they might even Broadcast DD FD as Insat 4B is ending soon because of power issue.
only time will confirm us. .
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I have a doubt as one of the dealers has confirmed migration news, also these channels cannot be for DD Free Dish that i can assure you. They will stay at that orbit, infact they have just noe acqired new transponders on that sat. I am 90 percent sure that this is for Tata Sky. Slowly more tp's will be tested and then handed over to tata sky
Also read this

Brother i am talking about those dealers itself. read their all given informations since few months . you will get understand the real story.
One aspect you should read and understand that till now no Satellite operator has tested like this. you can see ST 2, Measat , Insat , SES 7 . There was no such Test done in ST2 before handing to D2H , no such test done in SES7 before handing to ADTV ,there was no such test done by Measat before handing to Sun Direct till today.
But in ABS there is such a procedure, read this
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(Thursday 22-January-2015, 19:47)aumnamonarayana Wrote: Also read this


This doesn't say as they have to test channels publically before handing to certain operators.all works in backend itself. we even can't get the certain TP in blind scan too. they can test in data stream or some thing technical methods that we can't catch it.
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Sun Direct did Test channels on Asiasat 5 before finally starting from Measat
Airtel digital tv also tested but they tested with its Logo which was easy for us to find out.

But here the scenario is different as we are not able to find out the exact reason for testing and who is doing it
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Exactly.that i was also telling him . We can't even take it as Testing these channels because of no such logo or any other source.
now with both frequencies at same symbolrate again some chance of some DTH
Maybe some Bangladesh ? But why will bangladesh test Tamil Big Grin
No chance of Tatasky because i have a doubt of they using heigh Symbolrate of 44000 .I dont know about Hits. is there a chance of Hits from ABS or others if so ?

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