Month: January 2012

Change In Combo Offer

Effective today, 31 January 2012, we have taken a price hike on HD PVR for prospects. The revised bundled offer price point on HD PVR is now Rs 5990 – an increase of Rs 1000 over the current pricing. This will entitle prospect to Tata Sky+ HD box, installation and one month subscription of any pack. Note: The pricing of Tata Sky+ HD to existing subscribers remains unchanged

Language mismatch calls to Tatasky Customer care

Language mismatch may occur In the following scenarios : If the Subscribers does not choose the language preference on the IVR. The contact section of Siebel is updated with incorrect language. The preferred language queue is busy. In such cases the call may land up to a TSA who may not be proficient to speak in the language they want to communicate with. Process /SOP - Steps to be followed by Inbound TSA: TSA needs to apologies to the Subscriber for the call having landed to the incorrect language queue. TSA needs to give two options to the Subscriber: Getting the call transferred to one of his colleagues who can speak in the language preferred by the Subscriber. Schedule a call back. Based on the choice made by the Subscriber any one of the two alternatives can be executed: TSA needs to transfer the call to a Team coach / Team leader / Team member who is proficient or who will be able to handle the call in the Subscriber’s preferred language. Or Record a call back for the Subscriber and ensure that the call back is made in the customers preferred language within the committed turnaround time during the call. TSA also needs to change the language on Siebel as per Subscriber’s preference so that in future the Subscriber does not face the same issues. TSA needs to educate the Subscriber during the call to select the preferred language input offered in the IVR. Note: The change of language preference on Siebel will reflect the next day. The Team Coach needs to be ready for these call types and keep his Team educated about such calls. No Subscriber should be denied of service due to language mismatch; hence, TSAs to refrain from asking the Subscriber to call back. Standard Phrase - Sir, I can have one of my colleagues communicate with you in the language that you prefer. Is that fine or would you prefer a call back?

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