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Breaking NOW : 3 Channels Added,3 Channels Removed And 2 Channels LCN Changed
Channel Count 300

[URL=http://funkyimg.com/view/2g9em][Image: 2g9em.jpg]

Vaa Movies Added @Lcn 319

[URL=http://funkyimg.com/view/2g9eX][Image: 2g9eX.jpg]

[URL=http://funkyimg.com/view/2gamB][Image: 2gamB.jpg]

[URL=http://funkyimg.com/view/2gamV][Image: 2gamV.jpg]

Zee Cinemalu Added @ LCN 713

[URL=http://funkyimg.com/view/2ganq][Image: 2ganq.jpg]

ETV Life Added @ LCN 721

[URL=http://funkyimg.com/view/2gaj6][Image: 2gaj6.jpg]

National Voice Removed

[URL=http://funkyimg.com/view/2gamn][Image: 2gamn.jpg]

Janashri News Removed 831

[URL=http://funkyimg.com/view/2gam2][Image: 2gam2.jpg]

HMTV LCN Changed New731 Old 721

[URL=http://funkyimg.com/view/2gakr][Image: 2gakr.jpg]

Studio One LCN Changed New 761 Old 713

[URL=http://funkyimg.com/view/2gamt][Image: 2gamt.jpg]

Ala Carte Price Updated On Rdtv App

[URL=http://funkyimg.com/view/2ganQ][Image: 2ganQ.jpg]
Good update Aditya. RDTV first to add Zee Cinemalu Name.

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