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  1. Other dth are adding kannada channels fast but not added in tata sky new cha nels reply

    1. which kannada channels you are missing on Tataplay

  2. Please stop watching / subscribing Kannada channels with dubbed contents.
    No other languages has so much of dubbed content as Kannada channels

    Either watch Dubbed Programs, or remade form hindi programs, this is the trend for Kannada channels. please stop this trend and support original content providers’ channels
    All channels are owned by outsiders and not doing justice to Kannada channels.
    Even odiya, punjabi, marathi, bengali also don’t have this much dubbed content

    Please don’t subscribe these so called Kannada channels
    Dum/Dangal Kannada = 100% dub content
    Colors Super = >50% dubbed content

  3. just wait and watch to get this kannada channels. tatasky is very poor in addition of kannada channels compare to other dth.

  4. Fake message still this 3 channels not avalibale in tata sky u said 23rd july onwords only u are wrong news

  5. Tata sky new kannada channel launch date please replay

  6. Fake message this channel not launching in tata sky

  7. Fake message this channel

  8. This three kannada channel will launch in 23rd in tata sky this yes or no please replay bro

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