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3 More Tramnsponders in DVBS2 ..

Tatasky converted 3 More Transponders to DVBS2..


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  1. I think no.. Many users may be in MPEG2 itself… thats y they still didnt converted few channels and Home Transponder…

  2. Now No Ad. About Migration on Ch.
    099. i think now all Tatasky subscribers only on mpeg4 boxes.

  3. Yesterday was the last date for MPEG4 Migrations.. so they might keep those MPEG 2 Channels for some time.. they have space to add few channels..

  4. i think remaining mpeg2 channels
    converted mpeg4 on tonight
    because channel 099 EPG now
    change with different advertising
    but no mpeg4 film advertisement
    available till 11:59pm

  5. Again extension!! What to say about Tatasky!!! But after all they have to take care of old customers.

  6. Now Timeframe for Complete
    Migration Increased to 30th June

    Source-Channel 99

  7. Gud Update bro

  8. I have the same opinion your statement confirms it.

  9. Yes now they have sufficiant Space. also remember they have increased the FEC and most r in 2/3.. so now they will not use more compression in channels… this will stabilize the Picture quality and less issues during rain..

  10. There is now sufficient space to utilize. Let’s hope for the best.

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