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DTHHELP Xclusive 35 Test Service Channels added on Tatasky
35 New TesService Channels added on Tatasky TPs

1 Test Service on 10970 H
7 Test Service on 11130 H
6 Test Service on 11170 H
10 Test Service on 11470 H
11 Test Service on 11510 H
Test 1327 added on 10970H 32000 tp
24 Test Services currently found ( they have put TesService and not Test service)

TesService1749 ,1750,1753,1756, 1758,1759 on 11130 H 32000
TesService1812,1817,1818,1820,1821,1823 also on 11170 H 32000

TesService1947,1948,1949,1950, 1964,1965,1966,1967,1968,1969 on 11470 H 32000

TesService2004 on tp 11510 H 32000
TesService2049,2050,2051,2052,2053,2055,2056,2057,,2058 on TP 11510 H 32000
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  • deepthi
Great news ... 1st and exclusive in DH .. So its confirmed that many channels r on the way ...
now few great experts post the same after few days or weeks as Breaking News..like they did last time Big Grin
may be some ask for source/Snaps this time too ..
Jai ho MJ bhai and Kumar Sir. U r always first in breaking news about new chs.

Balle Balle! Tata Sky is on a roll. Finally it seems that they decided to give max chs and leave all behind.

Hope they add international chs too
TesService 2057 on 11510 H tp is having 3 Audios , Eng, Hin and Tamil

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