35 Test Service Channels added on Tatasky

DTHHELP Xclusive 35 Test Service Channels added on Tatasky
Thats none of ur bussiness .. we know very well what we r doing here ..
No more discussions on this matter from now on..
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Again Again Again DTHHELP.NET is d First and Way ahead in EXPLODING NEWS. Thanku so much MJBhai, Kumar bhai.
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Sir pls tell now Total how many channels r in testing right now.
(Monday 05-October-2015, 13:45)MJ786 Wrote: I think around 32 TesService channels now
Mjbhai but in 1st post ur saying 24 tes service r testing.
First that time i found was 24, so put that , later discovered few more on other TPs and added those ...

Anyway in few mins will update exact testing channels figure
sory for late comment-: 'MJ bro thanx for giving first & exclusive update whole forum world.' Smile Smile

"DTHHELP" is India's no.1 fourm Smile
Ok now totally it finally .. there are 35 TesService Channels

updated the Tps etc and how many are there on each TP in first post and also Edited the Thread title now .
35 channels in one Go INCREDIBLE!!!
Lets see how many will be added and kept for future and also how many will be active services , if they had tested with Names of channels it would have been much better
U r right bro.

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