35 Test Service Channels added on Tatasky

DTHHELP Xclusive 35 Test Service Channels added on Tatasky
thats why CC has no update regarding SD channels and were telling only they have info regarding 3 HD channels
my Tatasky+ softwere also not updated.
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Still the channel names are also not updated and showing TesService names only
My HD STB and SD STB software updated few weeks back and now hd+ stb showing status as idle and i m very sure by 9 th all stb's would be updated and rhen new chs plus dual polarity on Gsat10 would be activated
Delay is bcoz of this reason. So double reason for joy. I think the plan to move to AS7/8 is either postponed or cancelled
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(Monday 05-October-2015, 13:16)MJ786 Wrote: 35 New TesService Channels added on Tatasky TPs

1 Test Service on 10970 H
7 Test Service on 11130 H
6 Test Service on 11170 H
10 Test Service on 11470 H
11 Test Service on 11510 H

TesService 1327  on 10970  is still there... i guess this will be some thing related to Karoke service  as 1326 and 1325 are Karoake.

Now testing of SD channels started, so other Teservices are renamed..
will update each now
Good share mj786 sir
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still 20 channels names are not updated
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MJ bro, waiting for more updates. Next 3 days, there will be continuos additions and more additions till diwali and new year too
Abhi yaani Mjbhai 20 aur Gifts denge ?

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