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3D and HD channels from Measat 3/3A 91.5 East

[align=center]4041 H 28600
Big Foot 3D

4121 V 29720
Fashion One HD


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  1. Not sure whether they will come at all.

  2. When will these channels coming to dth ?

  3. fashion one 3D will be interesting to watch :p

  4. Wow great pics. nice share!!!

    First time I am seeing the images of this channels.

    Very happy to be part of this forum.

  5. [quote=’Pugazhbalaji’ pid=’1056′ dateline=’1321164311′]
    What kind of channel is big foot ?

    Its a Entertainment, Fashion and Lifestyle Channel in 3D

    [url=http://www.bigfoot.tv/] [color=#0000CD]Check for further details[/color] [/url]

  6. What kind of channel is big foot ?

  7. some thing for people having 3d tv. it is same like d2h 3d?

  8. [align=center]4165 H 14400
    High Tv 3D

    4001 H 30000

    LI TV HD


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