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4 HD Channels Added by Dishtv
Zee Talkies HD Added On lcn 72
Colors Bangla HD Added On lcn 74
ETV HD Added On lcn 94
Colors Kannada HD Added On lcn 95

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all 4 are currently running Free to Air Smile
Confirmatory Snaps

Zee Talkies HD

[Image: 47273929fb0662ad1d23de92fbfc139a.jpg]
[Image: 51d35f1618b4f4f1d6cd376c782a146b.jpg]

Colors Bangla HD

[Image: b75820a7078af921ebbd90b024c8b861.jpg]
[Image: 48f8a24c2f6d320b0d44e9fe2e132988.jpg]

[Image: 53c63126d8a18e81d5f83553556188d8.jpg]
[Image: 2e3e61d93abc051762fa84c7e0452351.jpg]

Colors Kannada HD
[Image: c4601c389f355319dc67f81dd1ad3193.jpg]
[Image: 7ad5984040a71875ff81ea7c8ff9e011.jpg]

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good work Abhi .

here are some more snaps  from Colors Bangla HD


Now Epg Added in Zee Talkies HD , Colors Bangla HD and Colors Kannada HD

[Image: 53132d15004ce7a1385d490853243709.jpg]
[Image: 42f3f157dce998d5dd540887f0aa102e.jpg]
[Image: c74497c7fd3ff0b383fb031230124058.jpg]

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