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41 HD Channels on Tatasky HD

Tatasky now has 41 HD channels as per this Advertisement

for Ten HD they have put ***  mark, and they are not counting 3 showcase HD services.

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  1. 11130 is havimg 40% since a long time but 11550 started having issues recently

  2. yes , and also 11130 H too is low

  3. 11550 H has pathetic signal quality, just 20-30%

  4. I think these Dhamaka will end bfore November itself.. they need atleast 1 month to get few more subscribers..

  5. [quote=’aumnamonarayana’ pid=’42194′ dateline=’1443881027′]
    FEC is already low from 2/3 to 5/6 or 7/8 now

    5/6 Now in all DVBS2 and Home Transponder still in 3/4 [getting 100% Signal Quality] other DVBS is in 7/8..

  6. i think soon we will find offers for new customers like 1990 rs with 6months free viewing like that

  7. Yes MJ bro. Faadu competition in store for us

  8. then more signal issues 🙁 they have started well in advance for capturing some market for this phaze of digitalisation which will end on 31 December

  9. FEC is already low from 2/3 to 5/6 or 7/8 now

  10. I think now we can see some channels reshuffling by Tatasky in few days .. may be a chance of lowering FEC too ..

  11. Nahi sir, people were running away from TS due to high price and less chs. Now they will add carriage fee chs too too to keep price low like videocon

  12. I think thats not the case .. every DTH have their own plans .. One way or other every DTH facing competition all day .. Even New Channels also looking forword for DTH ops to enter into their services..

  13. All thanks to videocon d2h, tata sky was loosing many customers and now under pressure they r adding new channels

  14. If so then the prices will be hiked to new level .. I still remember a quote frequently used by “Dino” in earlier days →
    One day People will run behind Tatasky .. 😀

  15. Manu new additions will continue till new year including International Chs

  16. Super Duper Dhamaka. I had already told that this will happen

  17. So finaly TS Users r getting much awaited dhamaka ..

  18. That is by mistake

  19. they have put MN+ logo for Movies Now HD

  20. They have put on Movies Now HD as when this was printed , channel was still not added and was coming soon. Sun chs have * to denote that it is available only in south packs.

  21. MJ bro, somewhere it must be written. Plz check

  22. Nothing mentioned below that , they also have put * for Sun tv HD, Gemini TV Hd and MN+ HD.

  23. I believe on 7th, TEN Network chs will be included in base package ans they muat have put *** bcoz of that.

    They added TEN HD on 8th October 2013

  24. Why have they put *** on TEN HD? Is anything written below?

  25. Ten Golf HD also adding on 7th October.

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