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i have 4ft vsat dish.i am not able to get out of coverage satellite like yahasat1,ku apstar76.5e.any body plz help me to find out heigh gain focul point..
my dish
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  • Admin , sandeep
whats your location ? it must be south only as lot of trees around and also some Dishes too.

which sats you have got on this till now perfectly?
I am from south india.i got gsat8@55e 60 percent signal and intelsat@45e 80 percent.but i failed catching yahasat ..
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  • Rajeev Shukla
okay.. but getting 55E just 60% on this 4ft is less too.. because i get around 80% easily on my just 90cm dish .. so surely ur dish need much more correction...

In the last 2nd pic i can see the lnb is not seeing the dish properly.. it looks little sideways.. can u correct that and see?

45E also u should get 99% on this Dish.. then only it is worth trying for Yahsat..

see my signal from 55E on 90cm dish

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