6 more new Vertical frequencies activated on Tatasky

DTHHELP Xclusive 6 more new Vertical frequencies activated on Tatasky
Big Dhamaka now for tatasky users, first on DTHHELP..

Another 6 Vertical tps are now activated
what a news by MJ sir
please give tp detail also..
11010 V 32700 is in DVB s2 , while we know11010 H 27500 is dvb s

other new frequencies are

11050 V
11090 V
11170 V
11470 V
11670 V

all symbol rate 32700
TS on fire now
yes now if they start all 24 then no one can match them

but as per Nilu bro they will activate and add channels only few now
Excellent n Exclusive update MJ bhai
Now waiting for Dhamaka Additions in few days
Colors super kannada channel May be added by tatasky?
Awesome News MJ Bro. Are the already active 6 V Tp's full with channels now?
no those are not yet full..

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