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Breaking FIRST : 7 More channels reshuffled in ADTV...
ADTV Reshuffled 7 more channels in the Transponders...
If Tatasky has reshuffled this much then there will be lots of rumors.
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Rightly said... it maybe bcoz Tatasky is a Premium DTH .. its always Talk of the Town .. Tongue .. No one makes complaint of tatasky manupulating the audio to Dolby Digital in few HD Channels... actually few r not having originally DD sound .. Tatasky is Upscaling them to DD .. if Dish TV does the same many would have shouted and even start to abuse ... This how Forum runs now a days.. every DTH is having issues but some r that too few Biased people making fun of other DTH..I said its in every DTH.. so i am not talking biased surely..
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It also depends on what is ur intention or how u perceive things.

In the above case they have just shuffled chs and if u see they have just replaced chs from one tp to another so no space has been created unless they think to bring non popular chs in one tp and then compress them more to add new chs.

So plz analyze the info before making a point and painting all with one brush.

At least i don't makr absurd comments or allegations. I have always given utmost importance to writing things after analyzing all facets of information , analyzing what all possibilities (if so) it can lead to and finally diluting it to most possible outcome
U R not the only person analyzing things bro..Tongue we r also reading the forums although not all .. writing what we found in there... Thats 100% true that if Tatasky reshuffled then many will comeup with news/speculations addition of HD Channels or other channels.. even we have saw threads regarding few space available in Transponders for additions which r absurd surely.. till now no DTH have those space in that pattern ... still people like those .. which is totally baseless .. not a single instance have occured in any DTH..
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