7 More channels reshuffled in ADTV...

Breaking FIRST : 7 More channels reshuffled in ADTV...
This is not a reply i expected from u .. Smile waiting for a info given by u doesnt makes precise ... it bcomes in Rumour/Guess catagory ... Big Grin
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Okay sir. U can believe as u want to. I have given all answers. Don't want to increase post count here by arguments and making admin happy by increasing traffic that way Smile

I am happy if think i am a liar or anything else.

Good Bye
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Again u r mistaking ... where i said u r a liar ?
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Sir, full stop. It is better that i don't comment if all of u just want to cast aspersions on me everytime
Hahaa... U will be the same always ... .. Tongue barring minor changes..
I cant believe any info regarding sats without any trustable proof .. many other may believe but surely not here ... I am not making fun of u or any one unless they disrespect me or us .. u can not find any useless words posted about u in any of posts... Surely if u post any info regarding Sats surely u have to proove it ... if not its just a rumour or gues ..
So dont argue on that ..
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