7 New TPs added with GSAT-10[Credit: Mr.Bhat]

7 New TPs added with GSAT-10[Credit: Mr.Bhat]
still no news about 7 tps,it looks like wrong information and that poster should be sad for 7 janams.truly premium content
When a chumcha calls Mr.Ji as expert then what is the standard of that chumcha? he must be some illiterate crap so thinking even these things are some sort of great content and tags it as Premium. Then keeps on praising each other without adding any value to the subject. In between they get jealous on others and scolds them badly.

He wont be sad even in this Janma. His aim is to get visitors to his site and don't mind about misguiding them for that. That is why he was ostrigised else where.

Sad Mr.29 was banned for speaking truth. He was just pointing out the mistake with a good intention.

Now instead of talking about his mistake he is busy scolding other forum members just because they told what he posted was wrong. Chumchas again doing their work for that also. Mr.Ji has proved that when there are idiots they can be used as chumchas as well as slaves.
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I Saw Two People Get Banned Now... Mr. JI and Timkamat[The Old Veteran Of SOD]

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