7 Test channels added in ADTV....

7 Test channels added in ADTV....
(Thursday 28-January-2016, 11:57)aumnamonarayana Wrote:
(Thursday 28-January-2016, 11:53)Prateek Marwadi Wrote: so 2 hindi sd channels. one might be zee zing as it is badly missing in music genre.  Angry

Good Joke bro. They r having problems with Zee Turner and u r dreaming of getting Zing Channel. Not possible.

then what cud be these 2 hindi sd channels ? i mean of which genre.

except some good music channels, nothing is left now to be added in hindi genre.  :lol:
i think as zee channels will be removed from the base packs hence these channels will replace zee channels in respective base packs.

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