8th TP 11510 Vetical activated by Tatasky

DTHHELP Xclusive 8th TP 11510 Vetical activated by Tatasky
(Friday 13-March-2015, 14:15)aumnamonarayana Wrote: https://www.facebook.com/groups/15638519...740534471/

Mister Nagpal is replying here . If u have any questions, so ask

It's a fake group from guy named Abhinav Siddharth a fake ID . also looks like the A/C named Harit Nagpal also a fake ID.Mostly we know him and both are same guy Big Grin
It's very sad to see many TS People revealing their VC numbers openly in that group.
I am also expecting a Reply here from Him. may be in another ID . :lol:
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  • sai2889
Dude its not a fake group
Brother i am in FB from many years, i can get those fake groups. also few people forget what they posted in other sites and the same in fake FB pages too like i found in those Fake Tatasky FB and twitter pages . :lol:

See Mr. Nagpal's friends list. Believe it bro its a real account, it features all prominent people in the list. He is addressing concerns well enough
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  • sriji
I am talking about the account in that group .
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I am also taking about account in that group only bro, its real
It may be real but his Title picture etc.,. looked like fake. May be that is why Dayag got doubt?

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