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Breaking FIRST : 9 more channels has been added 2nd NDS ECM
Tatasky added 2ND NDS encryption for 9 more channels of TP 11510 H
Hope some satellite experts and MJ Bro can come to a final conclusion why Tata Sky is doing this, all the answers lie in this
Look brother we all not posting here for getting popularity but sharing what we know some thing about sat tracking and other informations. we said it few times but you has to believe if you want to believe them. Tongue
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Dayag bro, i guess u took my post ins a diff manner. I ave always trusted you and thanked you for ur updates, what i was referring to is getting clear picture as to why these changes are happening. Also Insat 4A is facing signal issues daily
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We can get clrear picture once a New TP appears in our scan . or TS has to give a Press release on the new Transponders.

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