9X Jalwa going to deactive soon.

9X Jalwa going to deactive soon.
9X Jalwa going to deactivate from Reliance Digital TV w.e.f. 16th April. I got on screen message early this morning. 9X Jalwa channel is a very good music channel which providing 90s musical entertainment song. I could not take the snap as I was busy on other business at that time.
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9X Jalwa Is Good Music Channel But Its Repetitive Now.. Music India Has Different Collection..
Bad News.

This is very good Music channel
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bad decision
(is channel going down or only reliance remove this?)
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I think only rdtv is removing it.

D2h is not showing such scroll on 9x Jalwa
RDTV deferred the date to 23rd April'2013 to remove 9x Jalwa channel and this time they replace this channel with other channel/s. So lets wait and watch with which channel/s RDTV replace 9x Jalwa.

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