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Breaking NOW : AMOS 4 Satellite started signals at 65 East
AMOS 4 satellite located at 65 east has started its signals with 2 Frequencies for Dish media Network with 25 TV channels , 4 Radio channels

All the 25 TV channels are Free to Air

Scanning 10860 V 45000
- NTV Plus-Amos (TV)
- Sagarmatha-Amos (TV)
- Avenues-Amos (TV)
- NEWS 24-Amos (TV)
- Himalaya TV-Amos (TV)
- Al Jazeera-Amos (TV)
- ABC TV-Amos (TV)
- Star Utsav-Amos (TV)
- Madani Channel-Amos (TV)
- ACORAB-CIN (Radio)
- NepalBani (Radio)
- Nepal FM (Radio)
- Maitri FM (Radio)
- Care World-Amos (TV)
- M Tunes HD-Amos (TV)
- etc-Amos (TV)
- DD-Amos (TV)
- ARION (Main) OTA (Data)
- SMT OTA (Data)
[Scanned in 00:12]

Scanning 10914 V 45000
- DMN Showcase-Amos (TV)
- Kantipur-Amos (TV)
- Image Channel-Amos (TV)
- NTV-Amos (TV)
- Sangeet Bhojpuri-Amos (TV)
- Aastha-Amos (TV)
- Sanskar TV-Amos (TV)
- God TV-Amos (TV)
- Mahuaa-Amos (TV)
- Mountain TV-Amos (TV)
- TV Filmy-Amos (TV)
- Music Xpress-Amos (TV)
[Scanned in 00:11]

Video Channels: 25
Radio Channels: 4
Data Channels: 2
Total: 31

Both Frequencies are DVB S2.
About AMOS 4 Satellite

Successfully launched in 2013, Spacecom’s AMOS-4 satellite established a new orbital position at 65°E, providing a full range of satellite services for Russia and Asia.

AMOS-4’s multiple Ku and Ka transponders create a powerful platform, enabling a wide range of cross-band, cross-beam connectivity options.

For our customers, this means extensive broadcast and broadband reach into the vast urban and rural areas of these regions. Available satellite services for customers include Direct-To-Home (DTH), video distribution, VSAT communications and broadband Internet.

With its new orbital slot, additional capacity, expanded coverage areas and cross-region connectivity, AMOS-4 positions Spacecom at the forefront of global satellite operators delivering comprehensive satellite solutions.

• Number of available
Ku-band Transponders 8 x 108MHz
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  • raghu, sriji
is there any new tp now started on this satellite.I read other forum one member saying 38 new channel on tp 11495 H 53000
please confirm if he is right or not
no new TP , that tp you mentioned as he mentioned 11495 is active since long and it is from 64.4East and not 65 East. This time it is wrong information from him
see this thread for more information

i posted it in May 2014 itself and it is there since before
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One doubt . SR 53000 ?? Is this scanable in PCI Card ?[some say as PCI Scan Big Grin] the specification says as upto 45000
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  • apna, Prabhu Dasu, raghu, sriji

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