Airtel DTH Advance Rental plan

Breaking FIRST : Airtel DTH Advance Rental plan
[Image: 6DgD12z.png]
[Image: dNDsGWR.png]
[Image: HtiBNjt.png]
[Image: B19HBk6.png]
[Image: mvuFhGI.png]
[Image: Dak27NR.png]
[Image: HqpfkZe.png]
[Image: T1Z5FKT.png]
[Image: FiRNBHu.png]
[Image: 72AV2pd.png]
[Image: dRED8Q1.png]
[Image: fnZy400.png]
[Image: 7iKxuoR.png]
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Your watermark merges with the banner. So it is People Advance rent Big Grin
(Friday 08-August-2014, 09:38)Amatan Wrote: Your watermark merges with the banner. So it is People Advance rent Big Grin

wow new plan from airtel :lol:

but what i do, some waste fellows only working for that (copy right issue),they are not providing any useful post, just kidding others and complaint/interfere others.

Narayana kosu tholla thanga mudiyana Angry
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Lots of Kosukukal. Some are so shameless they simply hide our watermark with their own crap watermark and when if questioned they tell they had great brain to hide ours and put theirs! How idiots they are when they cannot take their own ss and still thinking they are greats.
But as per my info which i got it is 11+ 1 month only and only Magnum Package is 10 + 2 .. Is this channel on airtel showing old information ?

This is the email received from Airtel Executives.

12M ARPs would be 11+1 Offer i.e. Customer pays for 11 Months & gets 1 Month Free. Only Magnum packs would continue to be on 10+2 offer. We have launched the below ARPs with the revised construct today. HD versions of the same would be launched next week.

and here the chart and in that it is Max,South Max, South magnum, Magnum and South Value Prime HD, Value Prime HD which is 10+2

for South

for ROI

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