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Breaking NOW : Airtel Digital tv - In New Look EPG
Airtel Digital TV is pleased to announce the launch of the new Set Top Box middle ware EPG 4.0 for DTH.

Airtel Digital TV has upgraded the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide or the menu the viewer navigates) to the latest version in the world. Its called the 'Overlay' design which allows the viewer to navigate the EPG without moving away from the channel she is watching. The EPG 'floats' on top the channel , hence overlay.

Built with minimalist graphics, this EPG has been designed to have an easier interface with an enhanced user experience. This new EPG will take us to the cutting edge of EPG technology in the world. EPG 4.0 has a lot of aesthetic, functional and navigational improvements over its predecessor. It also incorporates a host of new features and bug fixes to make the EPG more stable, more versatile and above all a pleasure to use.

The EPG will have two variants (SD and HD). There is a phased introduction of the EPG 4.0 starting with the HD Recorder set top boxes. Across the next 4 weeks we will roll it to all the STB models we support on the platform. .

What you will see on the HD Recorder right now is the HD version of the EPG 4.0. The new HD EPG is designed to utilize the capabilities of the latest generation flat panel TVs (LCDs, Plasmas, LEDs) and the HD Recorder Box, for delivering a superior viewer experience than the current EPG

The rationale

Older EPG is no longer exciting

Customers are now to used to ‘smarter’ user interfaces

Consumer shift to LCD TVs not reflected in the EPG design

What’s new

Minimalistic and overlay graphics with smarter navigation

Crispier fonts, colors and menus customized for high definition TVs

‘Show window’ to showcase content/movies/promotions

Several advanced features

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so new epg will b updated for sd boxes too, am i fright mj bhai?
Major Changes
New promo spaces
Menu structure changed after incorporating customer feedback
“Most viewed” functionality has been removed
“What's Playing Now” functionality has been removed
“Contact Us” has been added
Favourite browsing: browse within favorites by pressing Fav
Recording functionality has been made simpler yet more powerful
Note: HD STB users using a CRT TV
The readability of HD EPG is not optimized for CRT TV
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