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Airtel adds new TP, Testing 7 channels
(Thursday 22-December-2011, 20:41)aumnamonarayana Wrote: i scanned the parameters which mj gave and it is saying no result in reply.

how will you get this in your airtel stb?
small suggestion to you dino, you will not be able to get these until airtel adds them in their STB for all viewers.. so do no waste time on this for now.

if you have any other stb then try to do it with that.. .

and to update this.. airtel is going to add some new channels soon including some hot running telugu news channel. they have taken 12 tps on ses7 and this is 11th tp they r using.
for ur info its not necessary that airtel should ad tp and then we will see it by scanning, in free to air ch scanning option in airtel stb, it is possible to scan any tp to which dish catches signal. when airtel was at insat 4cr, i used to also scan abs 1 tps , so do not give this logic that we won't get tp by scanning in airtel stb till airtel adds it. had airtel started a new tp testing, i would have got positive results by scanning the parameters u mentioned
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lol. i dont need to give you logic ,logic terms are understood only those who can think above certain things.can you find hidden channels in tatasky before they are added?
did u got the tp 11640 before airtel added star hd channels? even that time in other forum lot of member tried scanning but didnt get it until they added it. so dont just start jumping and wait for them to add in your stb.
airtel is also having signal on 12th tp 11678 H 26500, but no channels on it..
that scanning which airtel stb shows is from NIT search and not as anything as FTA.. this tp is completely different..
can you add this tp 12523 H 5000 and see anything.
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even now can view them .. this pic taken few mins ago

[Image: 66zux4.jpg]

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