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All 9 Channels added by Tatasky in STB
All 9 channels are now available to Tatasky subscribers in STB
its all really confusing... in PC scan with NIT the new Vertical TP is not added in NIT but the 11210 H and 11370 H are existing in NIT scans....

so what is really going ON ?

If we add the frequency manually for Vertical then only it is coming with new channels.. but the new H tps says no signal

Scanning 11210 H 32720 8PSK 2/3 r:0.20... -
No Signal !

Scanning 11370 H 32720 8PSK 2/3 p:On r:0.35... -
No Signal !
They are surely doing some redirecting or some gummick here..
For me Vertical Transponders r coming in NIT...
this is blindscan i guess? i am talking about NIT with any one Frequency if u scan in dvbdream.. Just select any one H tp and do NIT scan . u will not get V tps but get all other H tps 12 + 3 New .. this is what is confusing...
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