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All 9 Channels added by Tatasky in STB
(Saturday 20-February-2016, 17:22)Mr.Kumarbhai Wrote: I think in the morning did u got the V TP in NIT ? i have not checked bcoz added all V TPs in the TP List for scan...

you can try to scan now without selecting those V tps and get idea about what i am mentioning
Yes I checked like same in DVB Dream which is not scanning those V TPs... even u didnt get in FTA Reciever then how many experts got them in NIT ? Strange ... Sad
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in FTA receivers it is coming I had checked ,
here is what i am talking about.. the real confusion see the frequency
I see the DSNG which stands for Digital Satellite news Gathering ... also Turbo ... is that shows the stream of uploading ?
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(Saturday 20-February-2016, 18:17)MJ786 Wrote: in FTA receivers it is coming I had checked ,

But not in DD.. so then DD is not  tracking those streams if its in another format... so then it may be a Bug in DD...
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