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Breaking NOW : All testing channels added by tata sky
Some snaps from my side

[Image: Sx44ptA.jpg]
[Image: Vli8mxF.jpg]
[Image: bPhr3Uq.jpg]
[Image: kt58VzB.jpg]
[Image: mRI3g68.jpg]
[Image: Oy7T3YT.jpg]
[Image: QpLOt7C.jpg]
[Image: dCluikQ.jpg]
[Image: CaeFwJ5.jpg]
[Image: rBZb2Wz.jpg]
[Image: HMMh5RU.jpg]
[Image: fnUH4Sv.jpg]
[Image: U71dLXM.jpg]
[Image: l1HGLWc.jpg]
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some more snaps from my side of the recently added telugu channels


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