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Animal Planet to take a trip through the monsoon next month
MUMBAI: Kicking off on 1 July, ‘Lands
Of The Monsoon’ will explore how the
lives of humans and animals across a
vast area of the planet are affected
by the transforming power of the
monsoon rains.
The show will air from Monday to
Friday at 8 pm.
The end of the dry season in northern
Australia sees 300,000 flying foxes
gathering to drink while running a
gauntlet of freshwater crocodiles. In
Sumatra, a female orangutan guides
her youngster to where she knows a
fig tree fruits at this time of year. At
the Delhi stock exchange, the price of
rice escalates every day the rains fail
to materialise and priests submerge
themselves in water and beseech
Varuna, god of water, to come.
The show will begin its journey from
Northern Australian and will travel to
the peaks of the Himalayas. Along the
way, it will offer a taste of the
variety and colour of the different
regions’ wildlife and cultures and the
way they cope with the tumultuous
In the rice paddies of Assam, farmers
battle a herd of hungry elephants over
their crops, while on the Philippine
island of Palawan, near Borneo,
people still hunt in the forest and live
in caves for part of the year.
The programme will also look at the
impact of organised religion, meeting
members of the Bishnoi sect who
believe that all life is sacred and has
even been known to lay down their
lives to protect trees.
The monsoon delivers deluge and with
it the miracle of rejuvenation. But
the monsoon can also bring drought.
Such extremes test the endurance of
every creature. From the shores of
Australia to the highest peaks of the
Himalayas, the wind-blown deserts of
northern India, to the lush equatorial
forests of Borneo, this series will
make an exhilarating journey through
the lands of the monsoon.
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