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Another Horizontal TP 11210 H 32720 added on Tatasky
(Saturday 20-February-2016, 13:12)MJ786 Wrote: 11320 H was there since long, dont know why it is like that..

according to your calculation it should be 11330 if we follow this way too
the H tps are
10970 +40- 11050+40-11090+40-11130+40-11170+40=11210+40= 11250+40=11290+40=11330+40=11370+40=+11410+40=11450+40=11490+40=11530+40=11570+40=11610+40=11650+40=11690

but we have 11470 and not 11450 too..

some breakup ............... over the head

I think 1st Downlink band starts from 10950 band ends in 11200 ... then 2nd starts from 11450 .. ends in 11700..
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Quote:I think 1st Downlink band starts from 10950 band ends in 11200 ... then 2nd starts from 11450 .. ends in 11700..

yes, Insat 4a/gsat 10 ku downlink freq band is
10950 to 11200 &
11450 to 11700

uplink - 14000 to 14500

that's why I said, these 11210,11320,11370 tps are not real... may be for some other purpose.. don't know exactly..
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AFAIK DTH ops r transmiting like this ...
1st downlink all Channels from various Sats > then mix them and upload to their sat> then downlink those channels to their DTH system and encrypt them using own encryptions> uplinking them to their Transponders which r we getting > then those r downlinking to DTH Decoders /STBs which r encrypted > >> while uploading all encrypted DTH Channels r uploaded in certain Polarity which r vise versa i;e: if we r getting in Vertical Pol then uplinking in Horizontal Pol..
this time they have added those Horizontal Pol Transponders to NIT.. I think this is the reason we r getting the Horizontal Transponders which didnt have signals ... bcoz our normal signal decoders cant decrypt those stream formats...
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