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Breaking FIRST : Another encryption added in 15 channels of TP 11170 H
Now the turn of TP 11170 H to add double Encryption . Tatasky added to 15 channels now.
Another step to satellite migration
They need to use 2 encryptions, one for uplinking to old satellite and one for new satellite
Unable to understand the logic. If you are right then also it should show only one encryption for Dayag as he is scanning only one satellite. So why will he get encryption meant for another satellite?
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Now 1 more channel in 2 ECM

* Updated *
1) Nick (Nick TV @ Rs 25 pm) 11170, H, 32000 Number of ECM pids(1=>2)
edited the Title.
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I agree with Amatan. How can the addition of new ECM scan from new satellite TP in the existing old Satellite TP Sad
Amantan bro, i don't exactly all info about such stuff but i am quite sure it is related to new satellite
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EPG is also popping up randomly right now.

Amantan and Dayag bro may be first they r testing parameters for new satellite on old satellite and they will directly activate new transponders by applying new setting on it at the same time
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What they need to test again? On new transponder according to bandwidth channels might be packed there.
When Sun Direct moved we never saw anything like this.
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Amantan Bro , if same channel say Zee TV is relayed on Intelsat 20 and Asiasat 7 on C Band. Obviously they will need to duplicate technical parameters as it will be uplinked diff satellites. U can't just have all tech parameters on one satellite and relay on the other one without anything. So what i want to say is they must be testing technical readings for new sat on old sat
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