Asiasat 4 Ku East Asia beam received in Chennai, South India

Asiasat 4 Ku East Asia beam received in Chennai, South India
Asiasat 4 at 122 East, East Asia beam (Ku). Asiasat 4 satellite has strong foot prints over East asia covering from Philippines to southern parts of Russia! Signal level of 54dBw over Macau and it reduces to 41dBw over its edge near Patna in Bihar.

Offical foot print of Asiasat 4 from Asiasat website.
[Image: footprint_sat_04pop.jpg]

During reception an year or more, there weren't many channels except one Noname channel along with few Data frequencies. There were many feeds which were stronger than this Noname channel. My bad luck is this Noname channel was a scrambled one there by denying any chance of finding which channel it was.

There are few other beams as well in this satellite ie. Australasia beam which has many good packages and Dish HD package on BSS beam which is meant for Taiwan.

In this BSS beam they are using Circular polarisation instead of Linear polarisation which is normally used in many other Ku band satellites in this region.

BSS beam as per official foot print map looks as if it is very tightly focused on Taiwan. But that is not the case. Anyway its centre is having 57dBw which is quite strong having 3 dBw more compared to its other beams like East Asia beam.

This was the signal level I got. Signal level was varying through out the day and it even went till 45%.

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Another first from you. Any chance of receiving BSS Beam?

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