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CHANNEL LIST BSNL Withdrawn 1% Discount scheme for OL/ECS Payments w.e.f 1st April,2013
Quote:Scheme of 1% Discount for OnLine/ECS Payments stands withdrawn w.e.f 1st April,2013 .
The earlier message of admissibility of such discount may be ignored

This message is in my this months Land line bill. i have already payed by OL itself. i was getting 1% discount too.

This is a bad move by BSNL.
haha.. dont know what loss they incurred by giving 1% discount if we pay in advance and also online ... thats BSNL
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They only knows .
there is a rumour of all operators r increasing the call rates in few weeks. dont know its true or not but there is a chance of hiking the call rates.
Bad move. I think many are now a days paying online so they might have thought if they remove this 1% discount then also they will be paying online.
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Right ,
Most of us r used to pay Online ,so even if they didnt give discounts still few r paying Online itself. Tongue
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BSNL idea itself is flawed. They are ready to pay for an employee to collect the money and still use the same server to put an entry. If we pay directly they can save paying salary for atleast one employee. But what else to expect.
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crap bsnl and its services, my home landline is dead since 3 days, and even after booking complaint , no one cared to rectify it till now. thats when it sucks big time Sad

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