Beam Foot print coverage of EUTELSAT 25B at 25.5 East

CHANNEL LIST Beam Foot print coverage of EUTELSAT 25B at 25.5 East
Space Systems/Loral has been selected by Eutelsat Communications and ictQATAR (representing the State of Qatar) to build the high-performance EUTELSAT 25B satellite they will jointly own and operate at the 25.5° East location in geostationary orbit. The two organizations selected Space Systems/Loral to deliver a spacecraft with a more than 15-year design life based on the Space Systems/Loral 1300 satellite bus, which is a decades-proven, modular platform with high power capability and flexibility for a broad range of applications. To enter into service in early 2013, this powerful satellite will provide a significantly expanded
mission and superior coverage across the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia to follow on from the EUTELSAT 25A satellite, which is currently operated at 25.5° East.

Foot Print of the satellite:
What a strange tail like foot print on the last one.

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