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Best Free Dish setup?
I already have a free set top box of a local brand "Signal"
Its remote controller is so crappy... It doesn't work at all

I want to buy the best free dish setup available ....

Is the DD Direct+ / DD Free Dish good ?

I want the best set top box with good GUInterface and the best remote.

(Till now, Tata Sky's remote is the best I've ever seen)

Will you guys please help me on this one ?
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As far as i know till now there is no dedicated STB for and from DD FD. It may launch once they add many private channels in scrambled mode. every one is using FTA Recievers to view channels from DD FD. There are many FTA STBs in the market. first you have to tell about your budget . there are many starting from Rs 2000/- . You have to buy DVBS2 MPEG4 Compatible STBs .
For more heigh priced FTA STBs MJ786 and Amatan may guide you.
There are many local brands you can check at local shop and decide on its GUI , all u need is mpeg 4 DVB S2 box for dd free dish right now for free channels. pay channels are yet to start so it might take time for those boxes to come
Great, thanks for the reply guys !

is it okay if I get this STB ? :
Price: 1,700.00 FREE Delivery. Eligible for Cash on Delivery. Details
Inclusive of all taxes

looks good buy, enough for DD free dish to watch free channels. I thought it must be 2k but it reduced now?

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