Bitrates view of HD channels from DTH in India

Breaking NOW : Bitrates view of HD channels from DTH in India
Here are the bitrates of HD channels broadcasted on indian DTH..
Find which one maintains the standard.

Bigtv HD
[Image: vff7yf.jpg]

Sun dth HD
[Image: 5u3dap.jpg]

Tatasky HD

[Image: e7mkj8.jpg]

Videocon D2H HD
[Image: 98645s.jpg]

Dishtv HD

[Image: 2gtdnnr.jpg]
[Image: 34s1g5x.jpg]

Airtel HD

[Image: 2eyala1.jpg]

[Image: 711z0h.jpg]
Did you found which one was good? Confusing to me....
Thanks to everyone and wish you all the best.
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will take new ones and post tomorrow as most of the DTH has added few more HD channels from that time
After they added this graph will be even more confusing
Thanks to everyone and wish you all the best.
what are these lines ecg? i dont understand even a little
i get a feeling that this graph is about bandwidth. if the line is tall then it means it is using more bandwidth at that time.
Current Bit rate view of Tatasky HD channels ..

[Image: 1io7k9.jpg]

it reads H are V.. so dont confuse yourself
Discovery hd came down drastically and rest of them also downgraded Big Grin ts is no more quality dth now to be called as Asli hd
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Here is current Bit Rate of Videocon D2h HD channels frequency , videocon d2h has 2 TPs for its HD channels tranmission

[Image: k9gkxz.jpg]

[Image: jihuo9.jpg]
Reliance Digital TV has 1 Frequency for its HD channel transmission.. Here it their bitrates

[Image: v7gxlk.jpg]

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