CVR News - Telugu News Channel Test Signal started

Breaking FIRST : CVR News - Telugu News Channel Test Signal started
i dont even know about that site until you gave the link Smile but there will be lot of more sites which copy images from some forum or other and put and we might not even know it
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One more
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CVR News Channel has been added in Local Cable Network here. A few screen shots taken with my mobile

[Image: 2e3be5j.jpg]

[Image: dqq9l.jpg]

[Image: 2s7x5dc.jpg]
Now it is coming without showing it as Test Transmission.

The Channel seems to have been officially Launched, Not too sure, when exactly - However the "Test Signal" mark has been removed. Couple of images taken with my mobile in my Local Canle Network a week back

[Image: b9amol.jpg]

[Image: 2i7troo.jpg]
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