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Comparitive Images of Old and New S/W of Dish TV Zenega STB
Today my Zenega STB got upgraded to new firm ware automatically. Here are few images that depict the difference between old and new softwares

Main Menu (Old Version Images)

[Image: mb4upl.jpg]

[Image: r9lvub.jpg]

[Image: 2gtvjo2.jpg]

[Image: 28t7r4g.jpg]

[Image: 2guysli.jpg]

Main Menu (New Version Images)

[Image: 35ake3a.jpg]

[Image: 1gfz29.jpg]

[Image: 2qirzfl.jpg]

[Image: 15dwiky.jpg]

[Image: 21j801j.jpg]

[Image: 126ahq0.jpg]

[Image: v73ytx.jpg]

Network Information (Old Version Image)

[Image: 1jw9ox.jpg]

Network Information (New Version Images)

[Image: wlsps8.jpg]

[Image: 29diadg.jpg]

[Image: 33yj6hg.jpg]

[Image: 30sao01.jpg]

STB Information Old Version Images

[Image: w2is6g.jpg]

[Image: 28jrj7.jpg]

STB Information New Version Images

[Image: mbr8y9.jpg]

[Image: 4g3fiq.jpg]
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Good Images but if you could post each menu with old and new it will be easy to compare.

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