D2H Added multiple Encryption for Star Gold HD Channel.---Now removed

DTHHELP Xclusive D2H Added multiple Encryption for Star Gold HD Channel.---Now removed
D2H added multiple ECM for Star Gold HD channel. now this channel is having 2 Irdeto & 2 VideoGuard/NDS encryptions.

[Image: UbhSDKT.jpg]
Subscribers expect channel addition but they are doing encryption addition.
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What's cooking D2H ? Encryptions ?? Or some thing unexpected going to happen ? MB LNB for Tatasky ?
Now they removed the newly added 2 Encryptions.
May be some testing going on.
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Dayag bro, it can't be muti block LNB scnario as Tata Sky has not added Irdeto encryption so all other STB's except the Videocon 4K ones won't be able to get any channels from Tata Sky TP's. What i believe is happening is that wither d2h is increasing to provide more protection against hacking or they r planning to move to NDS Videoguard plus HEVC for HD. I believe that they will shortly use HEVC for HD too, they had entered into a partnership for HEVC Chips for HD STB's
There is no need to add the same Encryption for any DTH if they want to share the TPs. they can add their own while sharing. Look the RDTV and Sun direct. RDTV Using Seca and Nagravision encryptions but Sun Direct using Irdeto.
How can they share if encryption is not same for channels they want to share bro? If suppose Tata Sky wants to share channels of A TP and Videocon wants to share channels of B TP, so obviously either Tata Sky would need Irdeto encryption for customers of Videocon dh to view channels of TP A
They have to add their encryption to the channel they want to share. that's all.
See how SD sharing Manorama News by adding Irdeto Encryption .


See how RDTV is not sharing this channel and no Irdeto

What Dayag telling is 100% correct. This is what happening for Sun Direct and Big TV. Tatasky may not move to 88 but there is an option if they want to do.
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That is what i said bro, Tata Sky has not added Irdeto on any channel so obviously there is no sharing appening with Videocon d2h. Videocon d2h added NDS just for 4K STB Customers and Tata Sky is testing double NDS for new satellite. Also as i told in future Videocon will use HEVC compression for HD too and may be those STB's will use NDS too. Also they might be trying more protection against hacking. All these are possibilities but sharing b/s Tata and Videocon is not a possibility as Tata Sky is moving to ASIASAT 8

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