D2H Started testing UHD Channel

DTHHELP Xclusive D2H Started testing UHD Channel
(Saturday 24-January-2015, 14:07)MJ786 Wrote: some snaps from me for now.. Video recorded for 1.20min and it is 250MB Big Grin
Convert the Video to flv format. the size will be reduced very much .then upload.
(Saturday 24-January-2015, 13:54)MJ786 Wrote: Thats great news, just yesterday we discussed about this and today they added Big Grin

Since morning internet was down so didnt come online to check this news. Just now found your thread Smile

Yup . we discussed and i was assuming a new TP activation too with adding in existing TP also. they have chosen existing TP itself.
uploading simply it wont take time, but i am trying to convert it to fullest quality .. lets see how much it works
super duper quick work dayag bro . you deserve reps for this update at such fast pace than anyone else in forums

others posted after 4hrs and still they praise as fast update,but you are super fast rajdhani
Thanks for the reps.
→ Sadly That's how those forums work now a days. all are quick and fast. few are praising without reading and understanding the authenticity of contents.
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