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MUMBAI: Dish TV has created a new sub brand, Zing, to target regional markets. Subscribers to this service will get a wide swathe of regional language channels. The set-top-box will be available at a lower price. For starters, Zing launched today in West Bengal with 26 Bangla channels and services. Dish TV CEO RC Venkateish said, “The cable digitisation process has fuelled the growth for all DTH operators in the country with more households shifting to a digital base. As industry leaders and pioneers of the DTH sector we are again thrilled to be the first to introduce an entirely new brand Zing for the benefit of our esteemed customers in West Bengal.” Besides content, Zing will have advertising, packaging and other marketing activities also in Bangla. Dish TV COO Salil Kapoor added, “TV content consumption preferences are different across various states of India. Zing is a unique initiative where a complete new brand is being launched to address this need for regional content. Now not only will packages cater to specific audiences across states, but even communication will be in the customer’s language of choice.”
are they getting new tps on ses satellites?
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