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That is why you are always posting about SOD, SOD, SOD..

No real breaking - posts about DTHs..
(Thursday 09-February-2012, 17:30)arsh25 Wrote:
(Thursday 09-February-2012, 16:06)RA-ONE Wrote: Even it is not opening in India most of time.

Admin (amatan) has no time to look into this. He has only one work that is to post about SOD, SOD, SOD, SOD...

That even on his dream he is thinking about SOD, SOD,...

Poor guy.

amatan is not like you,if this forum belongs to him he will come with real ID,this forum is not belonging to amatan

Even he is moderating my posts before publish here. Why he has to do that?

Still you are thinking it is not his forum???

Mr. if it was my forum I would have banned you long back.
we need to ban raone, before kulal and now this guy!!!!
Dont knw hw many more will come here to bash DH and promote SOD.

definitely you are obsessed with amatan. The way you post makes me you got spot for amatan..are you a homo?
becareful you might get a love letter from this guy!!!
Love starts with fight/misunderstanding
mj Is Facing SERVER NOT FOUND Error For DTHHelp.com Similar To What Error I Get In College... At Home Website Working Normally... Both BSNL Connections..

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