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Breaking FIRST : DW TV added on 323
[Image: N2ZpPkI.jpg]
[Image: t9gJe6m.jpg]
[Image: ka4f83y.jpg]
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taken by new camera app,i think i produced so much of color Sad ,but channel is like down graded HD feed.
Some Screens from Me:-

[Image: 2647ec476bf284bfbb894bf062d3e970.jpg][Image: c8e69312f6043b9bf58e48688affa77b.jpg][Image: 20b87308aa23104275f27cfb55a8e480.jpg]
Which frequency
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(Tuesday 30-December-2014, 22:29)Insat4-A Wrote: Which frequency

on this frequency .... DW TV (airtel) 11520, H, 30000 8PSK

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