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friends we know nowadays digitalisation is going on,so lets bring out demerits of digitalisation of cable tv so that people will be wise enough to choose dth
We need to buy STBs in either case whether it is dth or cable tv.

Picture quality might be good or bad depending upon their compression. For me in SCV they are compressing lot and picture quality is bad. Hathway when I checked in Bangalore it was equally bad. DTH where we used to complain about picture quality was better than this!
one disadvantage in digital cable i think will be when u shift your house to some other area / locality. Then that time the same provider might not be available there.. so it wont work there.

1: No price check on STB's so LCO's can sell the STB's at any cost.
2: Poor quality STB's and no refund.
3: Maximum compression so poor quality.
4: Have to return STB to the MSO with no refund and repay for another STB to another MSO if we shift to another area.
5: Double the cable cost for the same poor channel quality.
6: Monopoly, we can't choose LCO or MSO as mostly there would be only on per area with no choice.
7: No customer care and no ticket system, so all technical issues can be addressed only by the LCO so don't speak a word against him.
dth is best , say no to cable
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