Details of NDTV Imagine from Nilesat-7*W

Breaking FIRST : Details of NDTV Imagine from Nilesat-7*W
Details of NDTV Imagine 'Dil Se' from Nilesat at 7*W. This channels is FTA and quite popular among those from Middle East.

Name: "NDTV IMAGINE" Provider: "du"
12360, V, 27500 QPSK
7.0°W (3530 - Nilesat)
Signal: 94% Quality: 70%
4:2:0 704x576 25fps 159kbps 4:3
NetwordID: 2048 TransponderID: 33 ServiceID: 3321
Video: 3401 Audio: 3402 - (MPEG-2)
PCR: 3401 PMT: 3400 Teletext: 0

[Image: bJVg3.jpg]

[Image: CC4qP.jpg]

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Is the content different compared to what we see on Imagine ? i think they removed ndtv and it is just called as Imagine
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Content is the same only; the timing might be different and adjusted based on the prime timings here... I dont have this chnls added in my DTH, so cant check/comapre the relay or timing difference...
Ads also coming or they dont come?
I don't watch this channel much...
But have noticed, many of these kind of Indian channels (Zee Aflam, Imagine, Thendral-europe, deepam-europe, etc.) are having very less Ad' breaks compare to the chnls there.. Its easy for us to find the reason.... the market is less here compare to india...

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