Dhamaka TV on Intelsat 20

Breaking NOW : Dhamaka TV on Intelsat 20
For me it looks like 1 size larger than earlier and clear as u said.
Old pic of this channel


New Pic of dhamaka channel

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(Friday 26-April-2013, 21:42)MJ786 Wrote: i just find quality better than what it was before.. just check amatan pics he posted few days ago itself . the logo is not clear in his posts, but now today its clear

I took screen shot just of Dhamaka Tv and posting it here. Quality looks better I think than my earlier ones like you both said.

(Tuesday 23-April-2013, 11:45)Amatan Wrote: What an acting. Same reaction in different angles Big Grin

Good find. I never noticed this till now.
Thanks to everyone and wish you all the best.
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