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"Dhamaka " is updated with "Mai Boli" channel in IS20 @68.5°E
DHAMAKA Channel is now updated with " Mai Boli" . its a Marathi Comedy and entertainment channel from Adhikari bros.

Frequency 3752 V 9300
[Image: VrfjxFS.jpg]
[Image: WlJHdn4.jpg]
[Image: PK5lTKy.jpg]
atlast we find some New face on this channel after it started showing those repeated songs..

BTW is it Mai boli or Maay boli?
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Its MaiBoli , see in the scroll >
[Image: KQ2KBr2.jpg]
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Now removed 'Dhamaka' Logo

[Image: Oy7nEQw.jpg]
[Image: a5YUypg.jpg]

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