Dish Delight Coming soon..

Dish Delight Coming soon..
[Image: 599746_10151273975613066_145129785_n.jpg]

Quote:"Service is not what we put into it. It is what our customers gets out of it."

Introducing Dish Delights - A unique loyalty program for our valuable subscribers.

A differentiated program that delights the subscriber without any hassles. It enables our subscriber to feel privileged through special services and special offerings. Our great offers include free upgrade, free preview on demand, free relocation and much more.

Stay tuned!
Here is an image from Channel 999

[Image: qsqcdx.jpg]
[Image: 24wasyv.jpg]

[Image: hveb78.jpg]

[Image: 2nsrpki.jpg]

[Image: 2nimxvq.jpg]

[Image: 2zpnoqt.jpg]

[Image: 34sjjtu.jpg]

[Image: 35k61qx.jpg]

[Image: 1e4879.jpg]

[Image: 2145z68.jpg]

[Image: egwkuc.jpg]
For me, content in Recharge Offer Promo Channel (No: 995) is like this

[Image: rlj8gi.jpg]

[Image: 2hxujiu.jpg]

How about others?
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In simple, these are the Dish Delight offers as of now

[Image: auyuqq.jpg]
Details of free preview of a-la-carte packs

[Image: ns9jl.jpg]
[Image: ibwwZxmJL155RP.png]

[Image: ibwV50E8r1RpRL.png]

[Image: iZRWtZM8Xv4YZ.png]

[Image: i67J1FKFBAkU.png]

[Image: ibagJZmiaZIAp3.png]

[Image: is6U3jcMkBT3Z.png]

[Image: iqq0lL9RBwrFR.png]

[Image: ibaIfDPkOOTVP5.png]

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