Dish TV Hiked the south Base pack prices.

DTHHELP Xclusive Dish TV Hiked the south Base pack prices.
Dish TV hiked South Base pack prices too.

[Image: IdnHxJU.jpg]
Too costly. Sun direct seems cheaper now.
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Yes in SD Packs sun Direct but in HD still Dish TV is cheaper and reasonable.
South packs don't include any New channel except 9X.
Still pack prices increased too much.Huh
Actually i want many channels to be removed from my pack. so then they can reduce the price. i am watching only HD Channels.rarely 1-2 SD Channels but i am not the only one watching Dish TV . Big Grin
Same in my case. If they allow us to remove unwanted channels and reduce the rate then I would have maximum 10 or 15 channels.
These DTH providers knows that most users cry for channel counts. few are rating a DTH by their channel counts itself. later if they hike the price then start to blame them.
Some even get happy if rates are increased by adding some unpopular channel.

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